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I'm looking for three things:

One, novels set in America that take place before the 1850s and are in no way belonging to the "old west" genre. So, Colonial Period, American Revolution, War of 1812, etc. Things that don't involve being kidnapped by "Indians" would be preferred, though if anyone can suggest stories that manage to remember that Europeans were not the first people to set foot on the continent without using those cultures as nothing more than plot devices, that would be nice.

Two, historical romance novels set in either the same time period as above or in Restoration/Georgian/Regency England that aren't about the wealthy, influential, titled, etc.

Three, historical romance novels set in either America or England (same time period) that have CoC either has main characters or as fleshed out supporting characters.

I'm not looking for all three in one book, though if such a book exists, I would be interested in hearing about it. Also, the book doesn't necessarily have to be a Romance Novel in the strictest definition of the genre. Mainly I don't want something tragic and I don't want something that's too heavy.
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