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Does anyone know of an alternate-history story in which the Spanish Reconquista never happened? In particular, I'm interested in seeing an interpretation of how Europe would have developed with a Muslim state in amongst the morass of Christendom.
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I'm looking for any crime/mystery fiction with a disabled 'detective' character. Define disabled as 'has some problem that an abled person would consider to be an impediment to investigation'.

On the last day of my crime fiction course, my lecturer was asking us what kinds of minority detectives we'd like to see on the course. She went through a list -- black detective, lesbian detective, gay detective, dog detective... and then a pause, and then disabled detective. Followed by the comment that that was "scraping the barrel".

I want to prove her wrong and send her a list of disabled detectives. They don't have to actually be a detective, just be the person in the narrative who is following all the clues.

2 requests

Jun. 12th, 2010 03:23 pm
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1. I'm interested in a novel in any genre with a good romance in it. The romance can be the central plot or only secondary, either is fine. I'm not interested in anything with explicit sex, but a fade to black or implied sex is all right. I also would like a story where the romance builds throughout instead of one where the characters jump from cold to hot immediately.

2. My second request is for recommendations of classic novels that have stood the test of time. If you loved the Three Musketeers, or Anna Karenina, or Great Expectations or anything like that, please recommend it. I love Austen, but otherwise don't quite know where to go.

Thanks so much!
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I really go for fiction set in older societies, which is the main reason I go for fantasy, since they're often written in medieval times. But I've always been aching for fiction set in some of the other cultures and societies, as well, particularly Egypt, Greece, Rome, Constantinople, and Japan. When I go poking through Amazon, 90% of the books I find look more like history lessons than character-driven stories, even when they're novels. (Also, if it's got a lot of political focus, I tune out.)

I've also tried to find books set in harems, but they seem to be few an far between. Really? I mean, really? It seems like such a ripe topic.

Any ideas, guys? ♥
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Not such a specific question, but I'm interested in modern (defined loosely as "anything post-17th-century) Mongolian literature and poetry, either written in or translated into English (alas for my monolinguality!). Novels, poetry, short stories, whatever! Extra bonus points if it involves Queen Manduhai (Mandukhai, Manduqai) in some way.

I just don't know where to start looking.
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I'm looking for fiction about climate change, in particular books with climate change refugees. Either science fiction - humans fleeing a ruined Earth for new planets, or why not alien environmental refugees arriving here. Or dystopias set on Earth in the near or distant future. Anything that goes into the inequality of who is responsible for climate change and who's got to live with the effects of it would be especially brilliant.
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I have been longing for a politically nuanced Robin Hood novel--one that acknowledges what a lousy king Richard was and that John wasn't actually so bad, one where the sheriff and/or Guy of Gisbourne have moral complexity, one where Robin maybe isn't a perfect hero. Ideally, I'd like a strong, interesting Marian who actually feels like a plausible 12th century woman (public defiance of injustice--with consequences--and helping the poor and running a manor and navigating court politics = awesome; putting on armor and becoming a vigilante = suspension of disbelief problems) to be the main character, and bonus points if she feels caught between Robin and the Sheriff/Gisbourne, both personally and politically.

I am not sure this novel exists. But I sure hope it does.
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Can anyone recommend me books with blind main (or at least significant) characters? I think I know of one-and-a-half: Stephen Lawhead's Paradise War trilogy has Tegid, and in Ursula Le Guin's Gifts, Orrec is voluntarily and temporarily "blinded". I'd prefer books where the blindness isn't magically hand-waved away: it's real, and it gets in the way, and the protagonist learns to deal with it. I don't mind about being born blind, being blinded by violence or illness, or slowly going blind with age.
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Can anyone recommend fiction where LGBT characters as parents is fairly central (but it doesn't have to be the most central thing in the story). I'm sure I've come across some but I didn't seem to have much luck when I tried to search for it. I'd prefer novels, but will happily take short story recs as well, and YA recs are totally welcome too.
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I'm looking for novels involving consensual sibling incest. The "consensual" doesn't have to mean healthy or happy by any means; I just don't want books about rape or other sexual abuse by siblings. I've already either read or have on my list these books (cut to avoid spoiling anyone) ) and, of course, Flowers in the Attic.

I'm most interested in suggestions for brother-brother or sister-sister incest fiction, but I'm also willing to try recommended books involving brother-sister incest.
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My French is dreadfully rusty. Do you have recommendations for children's or young adult books to help me practice? I could, of course, take the traditional English-speaker's route - Winnie the Pooh and Harry Potter - but I'd rather read something that isn't already in translation. I tend to enjoy fantasy and historical fiction more than Tales of Contemporary Teenage Life, but you never know; if you loved a book, please tell me about it, even if it's outside those genres.

And thank you!
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I'm looking for suggestions right now for good books on Chinese myth or legend, preferably one that mentions stuff about evil spirits. Doing this as research for something I'm writing, but the internet is limited as to what it can give me information wise. I have access to a university library, so it shouldn't be too hard to get a book that would be good.

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Anybody know any (fictional, but RL would also be great) female detectives who aren't white from the period between ~1880 and 1940? Anywhere in the world, in any period in any medium by anyone (in any language, though the existence of an English translation would be nice)? If she's not the actual detective, at least a major supporting character in a mystery novel or series? Preferably non-faily?

There's Judah Daniel, and some of Benjamin January's friends & family, but they're too early.

Kogoro Akechi was married, but I can't find anything in English about his wife. And a few minor characters in Amelia Peabody, but as far as I can tell they aren't really actively involved in the detectiving.

...surely there are some and I just don't know how to look?
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This time around I'm looking for recommendations for books by authors with disabilities / characters with disabilities. In the case of characters - please try to only recommend a book if you really know for sure that the disability is portrayed well/accurately. Thank you.
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I recently started reading about Angkor and have been blown away by the city. Can anyone recommend stories that take place in it or a similar setting? Any fantasy that is South East Asian-inspired is fine.

Sprawling city-states and jungle temples are love! Any stories/books that have either of those as a setting (like maybe Mayan or Aztec) would also be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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I'm looking for stories that centre on characters who are sisters (preferably a pair, preferably adults), where the character relationship is a good portrayal of sisterhood, in a way that's about closeness (or distance, or a mixture of the two) rather than rivalry/jealousy (a bit of that would be ok, just not too much). I've been trying to think of stories about sisters - there are the fairy-taley portrayals of good/pretty/clever vs. bad/ugly/dull sister, which are so not what I'm after, or protagonists whose sisters exist as foils or plot devices. I'd like there to be a sense of equal partnership. (I mean, the desire to find this sort of thing came to me during an episode of Supernatural, when I started wishing I could see the parallel universe version in which the Winchesters are girls).

There's probably loads that I haven't thought of. I'd prefer genre, something quite fun and adventurous, but recs of any kind would be lovely.
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I've been on a Nordic literature streak, lately, and I'm looking for more authors/books. :)

I'm especially interested in literature from Denmark and Iceland, but Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish literatures are welcome too. Only books that have been translated to English and/or French, though, because I can't read anything else.

Please tell me a few words about the book/author you recommend, and why you loved it (or why you hated it; I'm also taking anti-recs *g*).

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Have any good SF/F books been written that were inspired by the Byzantine Empire? Byzantines in space/with magic/in counterfactual histories, that sort of thing. Any recommendations much appreciated!
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I've been trying to diversify the authors I read lately and I'm looking for recommendations for authors of color. My preferred genres are science fiction, fantasy and mystery - after that anything goes.
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I am looking for literature that features vampires beings just like humans, living normal lives - and specifically something where this is the normal state of things, rather than something that only loser vampires do. *g* Bonus points if the vampires have no special powers to speak of. Normal people, they just happen to drink blood because they either have to, or want to.

(This request is really for my friend, who complained how hard it is to find fiction about either human sanguinarians, or vampires that resemble human sanguinarians as much as possible.)
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